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Email Spam Filtering

As with any new spam filtering system, a learning curve will take place where the system needs to “learn” what is spam and what is legitimate.  There are 3 ways spam filtering happens:

  • Email is flagged as spam and put into a quarantine area
  • Email is flagged as possible spam and goes into your “Junk Email” folder
  • Email is flagged as legitimate and goes into your inbox

From the quarantine area, you can:

  • “release to inbox” – bring this message one time into your inbox
  • “report as not junk” – notifies Microsoft they may be flagging legitimate email

“Self Teach” spam settings:

  • Emails received in your inbox that are spam, flag as “junk”
    • Right Click on Email message a Junk a Block Sender
  • Emails received in your junk email folder that are legitimate, flag as “good”
    • Right Click on Email message a Junk a Not Junk

These instructions are for the Microsoft spam filtering system currently in place.  Check back for new instructions when the additional spam filtering is put in place.