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Introducing WeVideo

WeVideo is a supportable, easy-to-use online software tool for creating videos.

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Thanks to a donation from Leon Liebman, the College now has WeVideo, a supportable, easy-to-use online software tool for creating videos. In the last year, WeVideo has been used by students, faculty, and staff. Pamela Serota Cote has coordinated faculty workshops for those who would like to incorporate video creation and storytelling into the classroom; IT staff assists by providing training, consulting, and support for the campus community. Whitney Leeson and Ivonne Wallace-Fuentes have introduced storytelling in the History department. Paul Hanstedt (English) and Julie Maina (Health and Human Performance) have also brought video-based projects into their courses. In addition, WeVideo is being used as a tool by students while they are traveling internationally to capture their impressions, learning, and personal growth.

Ready to bring your story to life through video?
Visit WeVideo to sign up for a free account on the College’s license and get started.

Want to learn more about creating your own video in WeVideo?
Attend a WeVideo training session! View the IT training schedule and register:

Questions about WeVideo?
Contact Carole Porter by email,, or by phone, (540) 375-2589.