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Security Tip #3 – Protect Yourself from Malware

Learn how to protect yourself from malware – computer software that performs malicious actions.

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In celebration of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite tips to help keep your identity and data safe from hackers.

Malware is computer software that performs malicious actions. Malware can be installed on any device: PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. Malware is developed by criminals to make money by stealing your personal information. Malware is often installed on your device without you knowing it through email attachments, suspicious links embedded in email or on websites, and from file downloads from the internet.

Here’s how you can protect yourself and your computing device from malware:

– Don’t fall for phishing scams – Attackers are relying on you to install the malware for them. Attackers might send an email that appears to be legitimate asking you to click on a link to verify your information or to open an attachment. Once you click the link or open the attachment, the malware is downloaded without your knowledge.

– Install security updates – The latest security updates help protect your device by making it difficult or impossible for the malware to install on your device.

– Install anti-virus software – Anti-virus software can detect and block malware. Roanoke College faculty, staff, and students can download Sophos anti-virus software for free.

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